I am Ronald te Brake,
a Web Developer from Enschede, the Netherlands.


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Hi and welcome!

I’m Ronald te Brake a passionate developer with 5+ years of professional experience.
Born in '88 I grew up playing outside, exploring the big world around me while the world wide web was being created. With the internet soon out it opened up so many new possibilities getting me amazed and inspired.

I'm passionate about quality code, best practices, Open Source and performance.
being able to use it on a daily basis when I work on complex projects at GoalGorilla.
While I enjoy experimenting with new frameworks and libraries, I understand the importance of placing focus on the end goal: delivering a beautiful, functional product to the end-user. After all, they are the one using your website.

I see every new experience as an opportunity to learn. My favorite projects are those that require me to push beyond my boundaries and acquire new skills and knowledge in order to succeed.
When I'm not behind a computer screen, I'm out there somewhere exploring the world, running or amongst friends.

So welcome to the place where I will show you what adventures I go on, working as a Gorilla and everything I do next to that in every day life.

What I do

Concept & Idea

So you have a great idea and you're not sure how to bring this to life on the world wide web? Let's make it happen together!


I translate your ideas and concepts into a design that users want to engage with, on every device out there.

Web Development

With up-to-date knowledge of tools and possibilities I promise to create the best solution for your budget.

Drupal Development

I am a professional Drupal developer for 5 years and I love contributing to the community, but I'm also interested helping out creating custom modules for your Drupal website.

You can reach me for an inquiry
or just to say hi at hello@ronaldtebrake.nl
For more about me and what I do,
You can find me on Facebook & LinkedIn.
Or more workrelated on Drupal.org & github.