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I was tasked with setting up the entire brand, webshop, hosting and packaging materials for this startup in posters

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Initial problem

This Enschede based postershop came to me with just the name the Linery. It needed the entire brand set up, keeping in mind their need for packaging materials, a webshops and their wish to use all kind of different social media channels to share their brand & posters.

The solution

I created an abstract logo for them, reflecting their name well and also on a playfull way you can get they focus on creating architectural posters. It's easy to scale on different sizes and will be greatly recognisable amongst all their followers and customers.

Amazing result

They loved the branding! I am now working on their website which will be online soon on And you'll be able to order the posters there. Make sure you also check out their social media channels to see our branding in action!

the Linery

See our branding and graphic design below, for the entire result visit their webshop on

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